Skytech Shadow Gaming PCs – An Ultimate Guide

The Skytech Shadow Gaming PCs display a striking balance between performance, aesthetics and value. These PCs have blazing-fast processors and high-quality graphic cards, ensuring gaming experiences and smooth multitasking.

Skytech Shadow series emphasizes creating a seamless gaming environment through features like RGB lighting and fast storage. These desktops are ideal for gamers seeking a range system that effortlessly handles modern titles.

In this review, we will explore the SKYTECH GAMING Shadow series. We’ll go through the features, performance and pros and cons of each computer that will help you make an informed decision. Let’s delve into the breathtaking venture of these gaming PCs.

The top-rated PCs of Skytech include:

  • Skytech Shadow
  • Skytech Shadow2
  • Skytech Shadow3


Skytech Shadow

Skytech Shadow Gaming PC Desktop is crafted to elevate your gaming experience. This powerful PC boasts an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X processor and an NVIDIA RTX 4060 graphics card.

It is capable of multitasking and ensures immersive gameplay. It provides high frame rates for enjoying breathtaking visuals.

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This boasts a powerful processor of AMD Ryzen 5 5600X. It delivers raw power and superior performance with a clock speed of 3.7 GHz.

It provides an immersive gaming experience and allows streaming content and multitasking. The Ryzen 5 processor of this PC ensures an unparalleled virtual experience.

Graphic card:

The Skytech Shadow takes your gaming to new heights with the NVIDIA RTX 4060 graphics card. This card boasts dedicated power and advanced features, such as ray tracing and AI enhancements capable of bringing your games to life.

With an RTX graphic card, experience lifelike visuals, intricate details, and a level of realism that immerses you in the gaming universe.

High-Speed Storage and Memory:

The Skytech Shadow exhibits 1TB NVME SSD. This lightning-fast storage allows quick load times and ensures smooth gameplay.

The SSD paired with 16GB of DDR4 RAM at 3200 MHz provides seamless multitasking and smooth performance. Moreover, it also allows efficient data handling.

Stable Power and Connectivity:

Skytech Shadow offers stable power and connectivity. The 600W Gold PSU ensures stable and reliable power delivery to your components. This stable connectivity eliminates worries of sudden shutdowns during intense gaming sessions.

You’ll experience strong and consistent online performance with 11AC Wi-Fi connectivity essential for online gaming and streaming.

Windows 11 Home 64-bit:

Skytech Shadow has pre-installed Windows 11 Home 64-bit. These offer a user-friendly interface. You can access a range of applications optimized for gaming and productivity.

Pros And Cons:

  • Powerful and exceptional performance
  • Immersive visuals and advanced features
  • Quick load times and ample storage
  • Efficient and smooth multitasking
  • Stable power delivery with the 600W Gold PSU
  • Strong 11AC Wi-Fi connectivity for online gaming and streaming
  • Specific hardware details not provided

Skytech Shadow 2

Skytech Shadow 2 is one of the best-selling gaming PCs on Amazon. This PC is rated 4.5/5  due to its unique features. This PC boasts an AMD Ryzen 7 2700 8-Core processor and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card.

The combination of this processor and graphic card provides high frame rates to run demanding games with high-quality pixels and reduced loading times. 500 GB SSD and Wi-Fi connectivity add to the stupefaction of this incredible PC.

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Technical Specifications:

  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 8-Core 3.2 GHz (4.1 GHz Max Boost)
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB GDDR6
  • Memory: 16GB DDR4
  • Storage: 500GB SSD
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
  • Connectivity: AC WIFI

Hardware specifications:


The Skytech Shadow 2 is equipped with an AMD Ryzen 7 2700 processor. This processor features eight cores and a base clock of 3.2 GHz, which can be boosted to 4.1 GHz. This blazing-fast processor ensures solid multitasking and responsiveness.

Whether you are a pro gamer or an online worker with hectic tasks, this will satisfy you in speed and performance.

Graphic card:

Graphic cards are a Key feature of a gaming PC. This is equipped with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card. This graphic card ensures smooth frame rates and high-quality visuals in popular games. However, the performance might be limited for more demanding titles or 4K gaming.

Storage and Memory:

The Skytech Shadow features 16GB of DDR4 memory. This memory is capable of running demanding games at a fast pace. In addition to smooth gameplay, 16GB of memory allows multitasking for efficient application performance.

It also features a 500GB SSD with fast storage and loading times. This feature enhances the overall user experience. However, the storage may be limited for users who require extensive storage for large game libraries or media files.


The Skytech Shadow includes AC Wi-Fi for a reliable, high-speed wireless internet connection. A fast internet connection is crucial for online gaming and streaming.

The desktop provides essential connectivity options, including USB ports, audio jacks, and HDMI outputs. These connections enable easy setup with peripherals and monitors.

Advanced Sense MI technology:

This is capable of bringing your imagination to life. Its processor uses 12-nanometer process technology to implement the latest cutting-edge features.

Shadow 2 displays Ryzen’s advanced Sense MI technologies, enabling more performance than ever before.

HD Quality Games:

Enjoy your favorite games at Ultra 1080p, HD+ and 4K graphics with this. You can play the most demanding titles like Battlefield V, The Division 2, Resident Evil 2, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, GTA V, and The Witcher 3.

You can also live stream your game and take advantage of lag with 6GB of video memory.

Pros And Cons:

  • Strong gaming performance for mid-range titles
  • RGB lighting customization for an immersive experience
  • Fast SSD storage for quick loading times
  • Compact design with tempered glass side panel
  •  Performance might be limited for high-end gaming or 4K resolution
  •  500GB storage might not be sufficient for large game libraries

Skytech Shadow 3

After the success of Skytech Shadow 2, Skytech released the latest edition of Shadow. This PC is a perfect blend of performance, graphics and design. The Shadow 3 displays vibrant RGB lighting, consistent color schemes and high build quality.

In addition, professional cabling adds to the compactness of the PC. This  PC is hand-built in the United States to customer specifications and matches high technical standards.

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Technical Specifications:

  • Powerful Processor for fine-tuning your performance
  • Mid-Sized Tower compatible with regular desktops
  • High Graphics and pixels at 60fps/1080p
  • Excellent for Esports, AAA Gaming & Content Creation
  • RGB Lighting fan(s) installed for airflow
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 20.2 x 8.5 x 18.2 inches

Hardware specifications:


It is a powerhouse for productivity and seamless gaming. This PC has a blazing-fast processor of an AMD Ryzen 5 3600. This processor has a base clock speed of 3.6GHz and can turbo-boost up to 4.2GHz.

This fiery speed ensures lightning-fast response time for demanding games. The loading times are also reduced for demanding games. You can also dabble in content creation and streaming and multitask without worrying about your PC getting hanged.

Graphic card:

With Skytech Shadow 3.0, magic truly happens. This PC features an NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti graphics card, taking your gaming experience to a new level.

This card delivers stunning visuals, real-time ray tracing, and AI-powered enhancements with 8GB of GDDR6 memory. Enjoy your favorite titles in great detail and fluid frame rates with this.


Skytech Shadow 3.0 is good in terms of speed and storage. The 1TB NVMe SSD offers lightning-fast storage and quick load times. Say goodbye to long loading screens and hello to instant action. You’ll have ample space to store your game library, media files, and more.

Reliable Power and Connectivity:

It offers 600W Gold PSU to ensure stable power delivery to your components. The power balance eliminates worries about sudden shutdowns during intense gaming sessions.

An AC WiFi is also included in this PC, which ensures a reliable and fast internet connection. This feature is crucial for online gaming and streaming.

Windows 10 Home 64-bit:

This provides a familiar and user-friendly interface. It comes pre-installed with Windows 10 Home 64-bit,. You’ll have access to various applications and tools that cater to your gaming and everyday needs.

Pros And Cons:

  • Powerful AMD Ryzen 5 3600 processor for smooth multitasking
  • NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti graphics card for stunning visuals and ray tracing
  • Fast 1TB NVMe SSD for quick load times
  • Stylish design with customizable RGB lighting
  • Limited storage capacity for extensive data libraries

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the main specifications of the gaming PCs offered by Skytech Shadow?

The gaming PCs from Skytech Shadow come with a variety of specifications, including processors like Ryzen 5 3600 and Intel i5 13400F, NVIDIA graphics cards like RTX 3050 and RTX 3060 Ti, different RAM capacities, storage options and more.

Can the Skytech Shadow PCs handle settings for smooth gameplay?


What cooling system is employed in the Skytech Shadow PCs?

The cooling system in place for the Skytech Shadow PCs ensures airflow. Some models even include RGB lighting fans to maintain temperatures during gaming sessions.

Are Skytech Shadow PCs capable of gaming and content creation?

Yes, these cater to Esports, AAA gaming, and content creation tasks with their versatility.

Do the Skytech Shadow PCs come with pre-installed operating systems?

The PCs are already installed with operating systems such as Windows 11 Home 64-bit, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

Q7: Does Skytech Shadow provide a warranty?

Yes, it comes with a 1-year warranty covering parts, labor, and shipping support, as well as lifetime technical support for ongoing assistance.

Are Skytech Shadow PCs upgradeable?

The expandability of these PCs can vary based on the specific model and case size, so it is recommended to check the specifications for compatibility.

Are the RGB lighting features customizable on these PCs?

Many models come with RGB lighting fans that can be customized to match your gaming setup’s aesthetics.

Can I achieve smooth online gaming with the Wi-Fi connectivity options on the Skytech Shadow PCs?

Yes, with Wi-Fi options such as 802.11 ac provide reliable online connectivity for gaming and streaming.


In conclusion, the Skytech Shadow PC series is one of the best choices for gaming enthusiasts and content creators.

On the one hand, they work as a powerhouse with blazing-fast processors and high-pixel graphic cards to run demanding games, and on the other hand, they provide ample storage for data processing and management.

The Skytech shadow series is no less in design and style, too. Embellished with RGB lighting and a compact case, Skytech Shadow provides a sleek look.
For further information, you can check customer reviews on AMAZON and choose the best PC for yourself.
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